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Live streaming strategy for nonprofits



Since 2009, we have helped dozens of companies, events and brands deliver broadcast-quality live streams. Many of our clients have been nonprofit organizations. Because we love what we do, we started DonatePerView™ to share our experience of live video and social media communications. Some of our most successful events have been from remote outdoor location productions and complex event spaces. We regularly fly our production team and equipment across North America. We have coordinated and produced live-streams from the Caribbean, Hawaii, Asia, and Europe, even a rainforest in Puerto Rico.

Nonprofit Marketing

Live Video Engagement

We are ready to work with you whatever your campaign objectives or production needs. Live streaming offers many practical solutions to physical and geographic restriction. Broadcasts can be viewed by a small private group or shown publicly to a global audience.

As one of our core services, we simplify the process of live streaming. There are many options to consider when producing and encoding a professional multi-camera live stream & webcast. Why not benefit from our experience? When we become part of your campaign, we integrate with your team through the entire pre-production, production & post-production process.