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Effective Live Streaming

With more people tuning in, and more opportunities for reach, live-streaming can be great for cause awareness and exposure.


There are many platforms to choose from. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch. You can even stream to multiple platforms at the same time. We can help you make the right choices and clarify your objectives.


We help nonprofits with their promotion strategy. We help you think about your audience. How to choose a great topic. How to create buzz for your live stream. What graphics do you need? When to schedule your stream?


With a little bit of production know-how, you can ensure you look professional, confident and nothing gets in the way of delivering a broadcast that impresses your donors and supporters.

Platform Considerations

There are various platforms to choose from:

  • On Facebook, you can go live from a Page, Group, or Profile
  • On Instagram, nonprofits and individuals can go live from any account
  • Twitch is the world’s largest live-streaming platform, which mostly focuses on gaming, but has been branching out into more areas of late
  • Any account can also go live on Twitter, or via its dedicated streaming platform Periscope
  • YouTube also offers a range of live-stream opportunities
  • Zoom enables panellists and attendees to join in group video calls

Additionally, third-party tools like Streamyard and Belive.TV will enable you to stream to multiple platforms at once, which can help to maximize your efforts.

Production Logistics

Ensure that you test how your lighting looks on camera and that the sound is clear. You don’t necessarily have to work off of a script, but you should prepare your interview questions (if you’re running an interview) and brief any other participants on the planned topics of discussion beforehand.

You should also look to identify any potential problems, and set up backup solutions. Things can, and will, go wrong when you’re broadcasting live, and it’s worth taking the time to try and mitigate any interruptions before they occur.

You should also consider enlisting somebody familiar with your topics of discussion, and your organization, to be on hand to help answer questions and monitor comments during the live broadcast.

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